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Owning a Minecraft server – Pros & Cons

Im a new Minecraft player and overwhelmed with the popularity and great success of the game. A recent poll shows that 15% of Minecraft players would like to have their own server. Having your own server have its pros and cons.

The Pros

Fast list:

  • Make money
  • Full game control
  • Be always the winner
  • Give advantage to your clan members

In depth

Having a Minecraft server can earn you some good cash. Many owners will put up a site and will start to accept donations in return of Minecraft in game resources like stone, wood etc… The more players your server can attract the more money you might earn.

Having your own server means you control the resources of the game. You can get how much Wood you need with a click of a button! Then you can create your super city and be the king in your land!

Having a server means not only you control the resources but as well other player resources. You can dry them empty with a single click or destroy there buildings. Nobody will ever go against you, else there is the punishment !

Having a server wont mean that other clans can’t join. You can pick a clan and get their side. Support them by any means even if that means less donations.

The Cons

Cons in a list:

  • Costs money!
  • Some times is really frustrating
  • Need to be there 27/7 and observe the players
A lonley Server
A lonley Server

Owning any kind of server it usually costs money, there is nothing new about it. Yes many players will donate to your website in order to keep your server running or for a reward but many times this donations are not enough. The cost of a Minecraft server is based on the RAM that a host will offer you and the price may vary from one to another. Thankfully there are sites that offer a plain yet powerful Minecraft server hosting comparison and you can buy your server for under $5.

Frustration is the number 2 reasons in my list why you should avoid having your own server. Imagine to have 20 people playing in the server and each of them to have demands that you have to satisfy one way or another. They want you to build some base cities, or create a map that fit their needs. Others will ask for free resources, others to make your server a PvP and others to convert it to a PvE.

You must keep an eye every single hour and create cron jobs and alerts in order to keep you informed about any kind of issues like server crashes or restarts.

Be careful of haters! Haters will go and create a simple .bat that will cause your server to lag and eventually drop, this is known as a ddos attack.

Many times players have questions and demands, you as a server owners and administrator must be there and hear all what your players has to say. Remember many players are there because you offer them a nice gaming experience. Think good and take the right decisions so you keep players coming back to your server because nobody likes an empty server.

** Update: Please keep monitoring your admins. Do not allow any kind of abuse to your servers by the admins. Remember, there are hundreds of servers out there and players will leave from yours for the smallest misunderstanding.